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Sponsorship Benefits

We love partnering with and helping brands grow. Here are some of the ways our sponsorship program can benefit you.

Increase Brand Awareness

Build Brand Trust

Extend Audience Reach

Support A Worthwhile Cause

Drive Engagement and Leads

Eclipse Your Competition

Where We Feature Your Brand

These are the main places sponsors can expect to find their brand.


Our newsletters are delivered into our subscribers' inboxes each week and include our latest ideas, content, and recommendations.

Website Content

Instead of ads, we feature our sponsors' brands each chance we get. This currently includes our popular Articles and Quotes pages.

Service Events

We allow brands to sponsor our service events, helping build trust and increasing visibility while doing work that benefits the world.

Sponsorship Page

In addition to the above, our dedicated sponsor page lists each of our sponsors, and provides them a place for increased visibility.

Sponsorship Tiers




per YEAR

20 Available

  • Featured On Main Sponsor Page

  • 1x Newsletter Sponsor

  • Reach Engaged Audiences, Grow Your Brand, Support A Good Cause




per YEAR

12 Available

  • Featured On Main Sponsor Page

  • 2x Newsletter Sponsor

  • Articles Page Sponsor (30 days)

  • 1x Local Service Project Sponsor





per YEAR

1 Available

  • Featured On Main Sponsor Page

  • 8x Newsletter Sponsor

  • Quotes Page Sponsor (12 months)

  • 1x Global Service Project Sponsor

Ready to Begin?

This is the start of a beautiful partnership. Send us an email at sponsors@thoughtpossible.com to discuss your vision and goals for your brand and how our sponsorship can help you achieve your goals.