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How Not To Die

by Michael Greger
This isn't a fad diet or a lose-weight quick scheme. This book talks about how changing your diet can impact your life and even increase your lifespan. Dr. Greger takes a massive amount of studies and delves into the results, synthesizing them and providing easy-to-chew facts. The book gets long, but in combination of the puns he throws in, as well as the general importance of this subject, it helps you get through it. There are parts where you'll hear studies and never want to eat chicken or some processed junk again, but instead of scaring you into change, he talks about the importance of minimizing the "CRAP" you eat and maximizing the plant based whole foods. (Note that Whole Food Plant-Based is different than veganism--but I won't go into those details now.) He has a non-profit site where he has even more content teaching you about the benefits of different foods. Since reading the book I've drastically increased the number of healtful foods in my diet, and am now only minimally eating crap. I feel good when I eat healthy but I need to do better incorporating healthy eating habits during the weekdays.