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The Total Money Makeover

by Dave Ramsey
I was gifted this book in college and had heard the polarizing reviews. I wasn't sure what to expect. Now that I've read it I highly recommend this to anyone trying to take control of their finances. In Dave's simple six step plan, he'll get you out of debt, and saving money to have the power to enhance others lives as well as your own. Personally, having scholarships and part-time jobs to get me through college, I want my kids to learn the value of hard work, and so don't follow that portion of Dave's advice. I also think that if you're out of debt you're better off investing your money (hopefully at a rate of return of 10-12% per year) than paying off a mortgage (making 0% a year and interest only costing 3-4%). Despite those differences, I really believe that Dave provides a framework, upon which you can build to figure out your path to wealth. And those start with the Baby Steps. So get started!