Our Purpose

Do you want to be happier?
Have you ever asked yourself how you can fill your life with purpose?
Do you dream of living a life different from the reality you face today?
Do you want to make better choices?
Are you tired of living below your potential and ready to become the YOU you were meant to be?
Do you need motivation, inspiration, and even useful tools to help you accomplish a goal?
You get the point. If you're interested in any of the above (or related) topics then Thought Possible's your place.
We provide original ideas and articles as well as thoughts and materials from some of this world's best thinkers. In short, we're here to provide THOUGHTS that may POSSILBY change your life.

Our Story

It took a quarter-life crisis immediately after graduating college, moving to Japan, and getting stuck in a horrible job to cause me to realize that there was more to life than work and that life without purpose is dull.
I would go to a nearby park at lunchtime and think--about how I got here, where I wanted to go, what my purpose in life was, what really matters in life. You know, all the soul-searching questions.
It took a quote from Ghandi to realize why I was unhappy:
"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."
-- Mahatma Ghandi
I was being untrue to myself. It took me 10 months to muster the courage to quit.
Then I tried again.
I got into a job that made more money and promised a better environment, only to realize that the same lack of purpose still haunted me. Once more, I wasn't being true to myself.
I passed out in the shower one day, only days after one of my best friends from high school had died from hitting his head when he also passed out in the shower. I started thinking about life, death, and the brittle balance of time.
I resolved that if I was to be alive I needed to actually live.
Each day.
With purpose.
Purpose that is thoughtfully designed and manifest in my choices, habits, actions, and thoughts.
I've come to realize that life is really too short to spend it doing the things that don't make you happy. And I'm not talking about pleasure. I'm talking about things that bring purpose, meaning and true joy into your soul.
And that's why I started Thought Possible. Because a lot of the times, our dreams differ from our reality. A lot of the times, we don't know how to add purpose into our lives. We need help, motivation, and inspiration to change our thoughts so we can change our choices, actions, and habits.
I'm no pro, I'm on this journey of life trying to figure things out same as you. But what I hope is that these articles, quotes, books, tools, ideas--whatever it may be, can open your eyes to new thoughts--THOUGHTS that might POSSIBLY change your life.
Here's to the journey!

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